Good alternative grip for ROS RP

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Re: Good alternative grip for ROS RP: JJC

As I said, I ordered "the red one". I received it this evening. It's rather lightweight, but seems sturdy enough. I like the extra pinkie room more than I thought I would.

After I had ordered this, I saw that Sunwayfoto had a new one. What caught my eye was how it

reminds me of this:

This also arrived this evening. Sadly, the adjustment rods are like one millimeter different in spacing and a different diameter, so they are not interchangeable. (Drat!)

The Suwayfoto one is  a bit more solid, and noticeably heavier than the other one. It has a major flaw in that the base is pretty much a rectangular slab, not following the curving contour of the front, so the pinkie area is not as deep as on the camera. It's quite noticeable in use.

Neither one of these will allow the screen to be opened fully with the L component attached, so I would leave them off unless needed.

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