Discovery: Reset your Epson Ink Cartridge

Started Oct 23, 2003 | Discussions thread
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Discovery: Reset your Epson Ink Cartridge

I have a 785EPX, my black ink was out, so I did some research of how to reset it to get another 25% more out of it.

Most of the chip-reset methods required you to have a brandnew full cartridge to do the trick. Why?? because they need the new chip from the cartridge itself. For me, I don't have a new cartridge, so what should I do. Beside, there is no need to reset your cartridge to full status, but cause it's not full anyway. So here is what I did.

1. My color cartridge is 3/4 full
2. I pressed the ink-change button to move the cartridge to the middle.
3. I pulled out both cartridges (color and black)

4. I removed both chips from the cartridge and swaped them (i.e. color chip go to the black cartridge and vice versa). This can be done easily by using a xacto knife, cut off ONLY the top plastic mounting, then slide the chip out.
5. I put them back into the printer and again, pressed the ink-change button

6. The monitor now show the black ink is same level as the color cartridge before, but show the color cartridge empty (because it has the black chip).
7. I swaped the chip back
8. Now both cartridges showed the same level of ink.

I just printed an 8x10 and wowla, beautiful as always

BTW, the chip on the cartridge did not connect to the ink-tank by any mean. I suspected that they used the printing statistic from the printer itself to GUESS how much ink is left. This of course is not accurate. So to be sure, they have to be conservative in their estimation. That is why they say the ink is empty while in fact, it's not.

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