Sony/Zeiss 35mm still worth buying?

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Re: Sony/Zeiss 35mm still worth buying?

I've been eyeing the Samyang 45/1.8 even tho I already have and like the Sony 35/1.8... if I just wanted something smaller then the Samyang 35/2.8 would be the logical choice, but the 45 is still a bit smaller and the FL would suit me better for occasions where I'd prefer the smaller lens (social situations where the lower FL distortion and extra DoF control would be preferable). From the reviews I've seen it looks a little better optically than the pancakes, tho there's still a bit of onion ringing in the bokeh.

I've looked at the Sigma 45 too but for the price there seemed to be too many qualms about the AF... What don't you like about the 28/2 btw? Is it more about the FL itself or the optics? I'd actually been thinking that 28/2 would make for an ideal pair with the 45/1.8 when I just want a really compact 2 lens combo... Tho the 45/1.8 looks sharper into the corners at wider apertures, not a huge concern for me but that's probably something I'd appreciate more on the wider 28.

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