X-T3 + 16 f1.4 or X-T4 + 18 f2?

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Re: X-T3 + 16 f1.4 or X-T4 + 18 f2?

DarnGoodPhotos wrote:

IMO the 18-f2 is plenty sharp unless your subjects are in the corners of the frame; that area is usually at least slightly out of focus for me so the lens performs well.

I agree with the recent posts that say the 18mm f2 is very good. I have the X-T3 and both the 16mm f1.4 and the 18mm f2. Yes, the 16 is much better but there are occasions where the 18 is good enough for me and also preferred when I need a smaller overall package. I will say that the wider aperture on the 16 is very fun to play with even when it's not all that needed in many situations.

I can't speak to IBIS and the X-T4, but it does sound like OP is pretty constrained to your budget. The X-H1 might be a good substitute if IBIS is really needed or the X-S10 if OP wants something new.

I saw that he's thinking about the $900+ price tag for the 16mm f1.4. I got both of these lenses used (18mm for $200 on a random on eBay and 16mm mint for $750 from Map Camera on eBay).

If you don't mind used, you can probably knock down a few hundred bucks from the 16mm's price. Map Camera has been awesome to me and I see a few used ones at the low $700s . KEH is great as well and I'm sure you can find some good deals at local/regional camera shops and even Adorama.

So that being said, it sounds like OP would really value the extra stop on the 16mm. I think there are ways to get within budget. If IBIS is needed, an X-H1 + 16mm (both or either one used) will work just as well if not better than the X-T4 + 18mm and can realistically cost less. But the 18mm is also a great lens despite the naysayers.

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