A6600 to A7C is it worth it?

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Re: A6600 to A7C is it worth it?

Trollmannx wrote:

Have the A7III and a6400. Use the a6400 much more, real time tracking is the real game changer. Add a clean and lean layout (am a fan of few buttons) and no hump.

Will get the A7c for compactness and fast and effecient use.

Thanks for your feedback.
And you'll gain IBIS.

Image quality between FF and APS-C is not dramatic, but still easily noticeable.

Even without zooming into the image?

The A7c seems to be made mainly for auto focus (real time tracking is a killer feature) and auto exposure (no need to compensate for anything but the odd picture in a blue moon). Seems to fit my shooting style.

I guess the A6600 has these features too, maybe via a firmware update...

If loving to fiddle around with settings and buttons and wheels other Sony cameras seems to be a better bet. If into a lean picture taking machine the A7c might fit the bill.

I'm looking for the right balance between IQ, compactness, and price, ergonomics is a secondary concern.

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