Two Minolta MD-III wide-angles

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Re: Two Minolta MD-III wide-angles

Belgarchi wrote:

Rod McD wrote:

Hi Belgarchi,

Thx. Like you, I am a Fuji user, but my son has just bought an A7iii, so I'm keen to do some comparisons. From my reading the MD 28mm is as you say - 'good but not great'. I have the AIS 28/2.8 (which I use mostly on a TS adapter) and have found it 'good but not great' on APSC so I'm open to alternatives. The better contenders are reported to be the CY 28/2.8 and the short production run Pentax K 28/3.5 (with 55mm filter thread).

Have you tried others (and formed your own view about the 28mm's you've tried?

Thx. Cheers, Rod

Hi Rod,

Amazingly, despite its reputation, I found the same thing than you: the Nikon 28/2.8 AIs is 'Good but not Great', barely better than the cheaper Minolta MD-III (and I tried 3 Nikon). I am practically in a 'collection' mode now, and I am keeping many 28mm, but if I had to keep only one, I wouldn't hesitate a second: it would be the Contax Zeiss 28/2.8 MM. Superb built quality, not too heavy, excellent sharpness from 2.8 and up, excellent colors, little flare, little distortion, little vignetting (on APS-C). The Pentax 28/3.5 K has an astonishing contrast and color saturation - sometimes 'too much' (!) depending on the photo you want to do, but it is frankly disappointing in terms of resolution in the corners. A lens for 'special effect', not for day to day photography.

Thanks. That's interesting to read of your experience. Philip Reeve (whose site I respect) rated the Pentax K very highly and perhaps a whisker higher (stopped down) than the CY for landscapes, but there is a comparison in the Fred Miranda forum which found the reverse. Ie where they are both excellent but they rated the CY a whisker better. (Personally I couldn't see much between them. Here's the link    Sample variation perhaps?

Perhaps I'll go conservative and buy the CY.

I wonder why the Pentax K 28mm gives the color saturation that it is so often reported to give? It sounds almost like an oddity, if beneficial.

If you like the classic 28mm FOV, will you take an interest in Fuji's future new 18/1.4? They've said it's been designed for high grade cross-frame sharpness. (And speed obviously.)

Cheers, Rod

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