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Re: Polemaster Problem

Fotozone wrote:

So,I have a Polemaster Qhyccp camera mounted to my Fornax Light Tracker. Last night in the Mojave Desert was my first chance to use it. When I got on station, everything went very well up the point where the POLEMASTER INSTRUCTIONS (on the computer screen) said to rotate the image to align the star pattern with five given circles. I rotated and rotated. Disconnected, reconnected and otherwise spent 3 hours trying to align the stars around Polaris with the Polemaster pattern. Nothing work so I did the honorable thing and gave with zero images.

Can I get some advice from people who have used the Polemaster camera system as to what mat have been wrong? I checked all my levels, angles and relevant settings. Thanks in advance for any advice. Tom

If you could not align the pattern then you were not pointing at polaris. this can happen.

I like to use a green laser pointer to ensure I have the mount in the vicinity of polaris. then I use pole master to finalize the alignment.

How were you rotating the mount? through the hand paddle/controller or by manually unlocking the clutches and rotating the mount in RA?

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