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Should of been released 2yrs ago

No to beat a dead horse, but these should of been the cameras released two years ago. I know its coulda, shoulda, woulda, but I have to wonder what took Nikon so long and who green lit the first gen Zs.. I wonder if they still have a job? But I digress..

As I see it, this 2nd Gen was to catch up to what Sony and others have, like a vert grip, two card slots, doubled the computer speed and if you attach the kit to it, it could be used as a drone.. (okay I just made that up). I like the refresh in the Gen 2. If this camera came out 2 years ago, it would be in my bag right now. But what I fear that is its just a camera that caught up to the Sony and Canon and it really didn't blow anything out of the water. It is not innovative, they didn't bring anything new to the table. They didn't introduce a new sensor, or a new processor, they just doubled the current one. They didn't introduce any new technology, they just caught up to todays technology. I don't think Its not making those that currently have a Z-1st gen to go out and put their cameras on ebay.

In short.. if you already have the Z-1st gen, and you enjoy shooting with it, and are happy then I don't see any reason to get the 2nd Gen now since they already got your money, and wait until 2022 for the release of the 3rd Gen of Z cameras if they are still in business. If you think your Z is lacking features like the 2nd card slot and the Vert grip or like me, been holding out in Camera limbo, then maybe the Z-II is the one. I personally am going to wait for reviews on the autofocus. I have seen the videos that are out, but those were on Pre-production models and I wont give those reviews too much weight. Ill wait..

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