Why are "L" Shaped Battery-Grips making a come-back?

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Re: Why are "L" Shaped Battery-Grips making a come-back?

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I actually prefer it this way. As you dont need to keep taking the grip off to change the battery in camera. The grip holds two batteries. Whereas the flat styles only hold one battery in them well at least with most nikon ones.

I was surprised to read that the Nikon flat style can only hold one extra battery, but then after looking at other companies it seems like this is pretty typical. The one outlier is Fujifilm where the grips are the flat style and can hold two extra batteries (total of three including the one in the camera). The older Fuji batteries were quite small but even the flat grip for the X-T4 (which uses a larger 2200 mAh battery that's similar in size to the EN-EL15c) can hold two batteries.

Yh fuji are the only ones i know who have done that method


Not correct, the Sigma Grips for the sd Quattros can also hold 2 plus 1 in the camera body also, but that requires removing the grip each time to charge the in body battery.


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