Why are "L" Shaped Battery-Grips making a come-back?

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Re: Why are "L" Shaped Battery-Grips making a come-back?

GlobalGuyUSA wrote:

Droster wrote:

You don't "flap" that part; that just peels off, its just a bit of rubber.

Compare that to a huge "L" shaped device that now takes 2 places in your bag, instead of one, because it has an arm extending out at 90 degrees. And you have to fiddle with the battery door and battery, etc.

I really find the concept of it being more sturdy or more weatherproof totally unconvincing. There was absolutely no weather issue with the slimmer/smaller non-L style old way. And they easily could've just added a rubber gasket lining around the old contact, if they wanted to add some extra weather sealing.

And it was secured by a metal pin, which really made it quite sturdy.

So why what's with the L-shape?


The L shape as you call it is much better. Bolt it to the camera and leave it there. I see some grips of what you call the flat type allowing for 3 batteries, two in the grip and 1 in the camera body. It's fine but requires removing the grip to get out the in body battery for charging, not good for the connections between the grip and the body. the L type grip is much more sturdy and once fitted need never be removed.


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