Sony 135mm f1.8 GM £1600 - Shocking UK warranty service, Poor build quality?

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Sony 135mm f1.8 GM £1600 - Shocking UK warranty service, Poor build quality?

Over the years I've experienced Leica, Swarovski, Fuji and Nikon imaging warranty services, ranging from OK to brilliant. But Sony with this 135mm lens....

Recent purchase of a new £1600 135mm GM from a UK store - fully authorised of course. Didn't open it until a few weeks had passed and the returns period expired. When I did I found the lens caked with dust inside; thick sheen (500+ particles) covering a few elements. Zero signs of any use upon very close inspection.

OK, fair enough. Probably within Sony's AQL from their China production line.

It's under almost-full warranty so Sony UK should fix it....WRONG!!

1) Had to chase Sony to locate the parcel. I sent it via special delivery to Sony UK's service center in Wales after speaking to them on the phone. Thankfully they find it after a few days. And after two subsequent short delays ("The repair of your SEL135F18GM is taking longer than expected....Sorry for the delay") it's shipped back to me.

Time frame of ~3 weeks which is okay. No complaints

2) Receive it back from Sony in a terrible state:

a) Layer of dust on aspherical element's had gone BUT new large particles of gunk found their way in.

b) Front lens element filter ring fell off after lifting it.

c) Weather sealing rubber gasket also dislodged.

d) Heavy scratches to the lens mount.

e) Re-used my initial cardboard/paper packaging, which arrived back damp to the touch.

For those that don't know, the front ring is pretty important. It's what the lens cap and hood attach to. And the rubber seal is pretty important too if you want to prevent particles getting in the lens and protect it from moisture etc..

Totally inept technicians.

View: original size

View: original size

Without the gasket and ring, anything can get in, including these thick particles you can see

View: original size

Scratched lens mount (encircled in red)

View: original size

View: original size

Sony's statement that they're sticking to

View: original size

I told them I'll send this botch job back and want a new lens, since the integrity of this one is finished.

3) Sony flat out REFUSE to accept there's even a problem. Yes. Even if you're reading this as a hardcore Sony fan, re-read that statement and let it sink in. Because this could easily happen to you.

They're standing by their statement in the photo above.

And they're using photo's taken just before repackaging as evidence including this:

Taken by Sony - lettering alignment to rest of lens is wrong. Hasn't been re-attached.

View: original size

I've had a look at YT vids / images of other 135mm's; the "82 0.7m/2.3ft" text on the ring always appears fixed and in a totally different position compared to the above photo.

This ring itself fixed and most likely held down by screws under the rubber lining of the manual focus ring.

Discussion points

a) Anyone with the 135mm - can you confirm what I just posted above, that the ring looks on wrong in Sony's picture?

b) Is the sealing faulty of this lens? Quite a lot of reports online though you need to dig a little.

c) Any similar experiences with Sony UK repair center (pancoed, wales)?

d) Cases like this surely push people further into buying off Grey market with Sony gear. einfin would never have treated me like this, I can almost guarantee that. And I'd have £400 extra in my pocket.

e) Would you demand a new lens or let these cowboys have their way which is to "repair it only if they see a problem" since that's all they're currently offering.

p.s. I'm new to posting here so yesterday I posted this on the open forum. A forum pro told me to post here

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