Canon 5ds Lens Calibration Question

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Re: Canon 5ds Lens Calibration Question

Yes, and I needed to do with every Canon, Sigma, and Tamron lens I used on my Canon EOS 5DS and 1D X and every other Canon and Nikon DSLR I used that had greater than 24mp resolution.

it’s not necessary if you are using the camera on a tripod and using the live view system but if you are using the viewfinder it’s a must.

I use the LensAlign Mark III target and GocusTune software for setting autofocus micro-adjust

it was the late (and great) Chuck Westfall of Canon who explained to me why it was necessary, urged me to do it and then initially helped me through the process.

The reason why it is necessary is simple: every camera body and every lens are unique, complex systems and  no two cameras and no two lenses are exactly alike. The AFMA process tuned the body’s AF system to the lens. Chuck also recommended doing it one stop down from wide open.

Sigma and Tamron’s process tunes the lens instead of the camera body and can be much more comprehensive as their method allows you to tune the AF performance at different distances and with zooms at different focal length settings.

this is the best way to get the best image quality (in terms of focus) from both the camera and lens.

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