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Re: p900 vs p1000 questions

Bullwhip wrote:

I'm interested in 3 things about these 2 cameras:

1. Auto focus ability

Both the P900 & P1000 auto-focus works similar,

it works "okay" for being a superzoom bridge camera,

but don't expect the same as a DSLR or Mirrorless body.

2. Subject tracking

Both the P900 & P1000 works best for stationary subjects.

However, the P1000 camera can be used with a "dot sight" (the P900 cannot).

3. Hi iso "noise" level

To reduce the noise, and to preserve the details,

can set the Sharpening to "0" (zero), and set the Noise Reduction to "low".

The below pictures are all "out-of-camera" jpegs, and not post processed.

(See example pictures below.)

1. P900 @ iso1600

P900 @ iso1600

2. P1000 @ iso800

P1000 @ iso800

This below night-time picture from the P1000 camera,

had set the Sharpening to "(A)uto", and set the Noise Reduction to "high".

3. P1000 @ iso3200

P1000 @ iso3200

Does either camera have an advantage over the other? I'm aware of the other advantages of p1000 (better viewfinder, more zoom, raw, etc.) but am only interested in these 3 things?

Does one cam have an upgrade or advantage over the other in these 3 areas or are they the same?

Thanks folks,



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