Choosing a lens to evoke a mood.

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Re: Choosing a lens to evoke a mood.

farmer35 wrote:

ProfHankD wrote:

farmer35 wrote:

Anybody do this?

Doesn't everybody who owns more than one lens covering a particular focal length do this? Horses for courses, as they say.

It takes time to learn to see and think this way. Some of you have been practicing with this for much of your life. It's only been a few years for me and it seems like I'm just beginning to grasp this aspect of the art. What I am hoping for, not exactly sure how to ask it, is about the art, for people to share what they see, how they think, the unique ways a person might go about it, what lenses, etc, etc. Any direction someone wants to go with it...

hmm, let's see: 3 years of photography college, 10 years of profession work and only once I started to use vintage glass in the last 10 years I went beyond the "documenting the event/place" and created a bit more interesting work. On the other hand I introduced a friend to vintage glass and she picked it up in a few months (to understand the tech part), often producing way more meaningful work than mine. Art is something that one has or doesn't, "learning it" only goes so far

Looking at others' work, not on Instacrap but a site with good display, has helped me getting inspired. Flickr has many groups dedicated to vintage lenses with some stunning contributions.

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