Is this Minolta lens fake?

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Re: Is this Minolta lens fake?

EvilOne wrote:

neilt3 wrote:

EvilOne wrote:

I have the very same lens... I can assure you its not a fake.. The detail is too perfect.

Bill , it seems the O.P confused things calling the lens "fake" .

The lens was indeed real , the word that should have been used was "faulty" .

Which it was !

By the time the buyer sent it back to him it had passed being "faulty" and had become "vandalised" , I was going to use another "f" word , but I won't !

Sorry. I did not follow the whole thread. I saw the top0ic line and the photos of the lens... That particular lens is was my first really exciting lens. I was trying to insert my excitement for the lens to the OP.

I have the later white version and it's also a fantastic lens . ( Same optics )

I also have the Minolta 200mm f/2.8 , and at 200mm the results are essentially the same .

The 200mm is much lighter and takes a tele-converter , which is handy when I'm out hiking and travelling light(ish).


The pictures he posted showed a few flaws , but the lens he got back he resold on eBay showing and staiting the lens as it then was when it was returned to him .

Whoever had bought it first had tried getting the rear element out to clean the oil off it .

In doing so they left a big circular gouge on the lens and ripped the ribbon cable from the contacts .

Poor fella got shafted .

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