Z5 vs. Z6

Started Oct 14, 2020 | Discussions thread
Tim Kamppinen Regular Member • Posts: 133
Re: Z5 vs. Z6

I'm a wedding photographer - I have the Z5 and I just ordered the Z6II.

I would say if you need to shoot fast action or if you shoot a lot in low light, get the Z6II.
The low light / high ISO image quality isn't bad on the Z5 (same as the D750) but it's a little better on the Z6 and will be on the Z6II (maybe even bigger difference depending on if they worked any magic with the dual processor).
But more important than that, the Z6II can focus in light that's 2.5 stops less than the Z5, which should make a big difference if you shoot in low light (like a wedding reception).

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