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Nikon Z5 is a better camera, but RP is better bang for the buck

jwilliams wrote:

I'd have to say the best entry level FF mirrorless is probably the Z5 assuming one has no investment in a given system already. Just ticks all the boxes and for stills at least is essentially 95% of a Z6 at a really good price.

I have a RP and also an R and love the RP. Compact, light and yet handles very well. Sensor not the latest greatest but not a problem in real world usage for most uses. No IBIS can be a problem depending on what/how you shoot. Almost all zooms has in lens IS so if you primarily shoot zooms it really isn't an issue. Shooting primes is a mixed bas as some have IS but a lot don't.

If you have any EF lenses the RP is the no brainer option. If not look at the Z5 and decide for your uses which one is best. The primary advantages of the Z5 over the RP are; better sensor, better VF and very importantly it has IBIS.

The RP with the 24-105 4-7,1 IS makes a great pairing. Light and handles really well. I got mine on sale earlier this year. I would bet you'll see that combo on sale for XMas.

There's no doubt that the Z5 is a better camera in terms of having some nice to have features that the RP lacks.   However, it's also considerably heavier.   In terms of value, for me the RP is way ahead.  The Z5 with its kit lens is 60% more expensive than the RP, and the Nikon 24-50mm kit lens has only half the zoom range.   Even if I didn't have any EF lenses, I would pick the RP over the Z5.

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