How many people still use the Pentax K10D?

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Re: How many people still use the Pentax K10D?

paulkienitz wrote:

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As mentioned by someone, it´s only serious limitation is that it doesn't make good pictures at night or in the dusk. It definitely needs light.

I would love to know

Is that.....

  • a problem an inherent function of noise - such that dark areas are always full of false signalling pixels whatever the sensor setting
  • or is it just no good at 1600asa - in which case using low sensor iso and a tripod will fix it - just as we used to use in the days of Kodak 200asa

Yes, low ISO fixes it. The sensor isn't up to modern standards for higher ISOs.


I had, still have and still use a Pentax K100d.

Cameras of that era IMHO beg for light.

Here's a shot of my daughter with the light of a candle.

Back then, I was happy with that. But, yes, @ ISO3200 in low light, there is definitely a lot of noise. LOL.

In order to get better IQ images, I started to learn how to use external flash.

If you can get the old CCD sensor enough light, they just sing IMHO!

Here's a shot from my Pentax K100d, but I used external flash to get more light to the CCD sensor. Lots of fine detail in there.

If you can decide when you want to take pictures, and only take pictures in lots of light, these old CCD sensor cameras will still go the distance IMHO.

But if you want to shoot in low light, then the newer CMOS sensors will take you further IMHO.

The K-5 was about the first model with decent modern ISO performance.


K-5 would be a great place to start.

But . . . OP, if you want to get in cheap, don't shy away from the K10d.

If you aren't forced when you need to get a shot, the K10d (IMHO) can still bang out a great picture.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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