what is the magnification of a telescope without any eyepiece

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Re: what is the magnification of a telescope without any eyepiece

Metastro wrote:

Hi Trollmannx

I recall your user name and believe you have assisted me before, so thank you.

My question originally arose as a consequence of discovering just how surprisingly poor my results of photographing Mars was. Bare in mind I didnt have amazing expectations, and was not tracking, so it's perhaps not all that surprising

But it did get me to question how people possible get decent photographs of Mars, to the extent you can see the ice and details on the surface. In my photo attached, you can tell it's mars, but thats about it!

I understand that using a 5x powermate with my edge HD 8 was possibly way too much for it's max magnification. Though I will have to learn just by how much I overstretched it by working it out via details of my Sony A7S. I think I knew deep down it wasn't going to work, but I sadly still make these mistakes just to learn from.

This photo would be pretty ok at my location (lots of lively turbulence) with my gear (do only have a small astrograph, pretty good, can be used with a good barlow lens to get pretty decent results - given the usual atmospheric conditions here).

So not much help from here on this one...

Happily I see the poster above has provided a good link.

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