How many people still use the Pentax K10D?

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Re: How many people still use the Pentax K10D?

orlandomfn wrote:

As mentioned by someone, it´s only serious limitation is that it doesn't make good pictures at night or in the dusk. It definitely needs light.

I would love to know

Is that.....

  • a problem an inherent function of noise - such that dark areas are always full of false signalling pixels whatever the sensor setting
  • or is it just no good at 1600asa - in which case using low sensor iso and a tripod will fix it - just as we used to use in the days of Kodak 200asa

I have a pile of PK lenses - and with prices for a K10D where they are now, it gets tempting just to bid for a weathersealed Pentax body with a proper pentaprism to try them out on.

Thanks for your thoubghts - Paul C

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