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Re: "Best" composite photo of the week...

This has gone as well as can be reasonably expected.

As I posted above DPR expects the voters to be the final say, (using their interpretation of the criteria (name, description and rules) of the host.

The Host wrote a reasonable challenge and the voters made a reasonable decision.

A discrepancy was noticed and the Host made a reasonable decision.

Since we and the Host have not heard from the entrant it is reasonable to conclude that he/she knew they were, at the very least, stretching the spirit of the challenge.

This is the internet and reasonable is the best we can hope for.

PUBLIC discussion is the only method that works to keep unfair practices from being the norm. Such practices cannot be stopped but kept with in reason.

Keeping such discussions private does nothing to discourage such practices.

Demanding levels of proof that cannot be achieved ON THE INTERNET simply encourages members to continue to look for the unfair advantage.

The DPR challenges are supposed to be a fun photographic challenge not a challenge of winning any way you can.

The reason that DPR challenges are reasonable is Tasad. He/She appears to be the only member with the time, tenacity, and skill to find the game players.

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