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Re: Nikon P950: Saturn's rings?

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It's definitely an interesting feature but i think more so for video. I don't know what the exact crop increase is but since video "rez" output doesn't change from full sensor to ETC, it turns into a pretty neat feature.

Turning on ETC and digital IS on a 4k body is pretty amazing, in the near future im going to try it out on my 1250mm C90 scope. Not sure what the final FL will be but im guessing 3000mm+, maybe even 4000mm.

I think Nikon has a small sensor camera with a very, very long zoom. 3000mm or so. With your scope you could play around and get some interesting photos, I think. Use your imagination. Probably not great for boring bird photos, but be creative is my suggestion.

I have the Nikon P900 and I believe the camera you are referring to is the Nikon P1000. The Nikon P950 is the camera that supports 4K30 video. What I dont know and want to find out is if any camera supports in camera cropping of 2K (for 1080P) videos or in camera cropping of 4K videos. I dont think any M43 cameras do or any camera of the Nikon P series for that matter?

I saw this post today that has several photos using the Nikon P950. One of them is at 6000mm-elf (!!!) and one at 2000mm-efl and another at something like 1800mm-efl:


Pretty decent, some of them, but it's noisy (chroma) at 100 ISO. What they need to do is try an APS with a 200-500mm lens at 500mm and the 950 at some focal length around 2000mm equivalent, reduce the size of the 950 shot to match the 500mm end on the APS and see how they compare. Though I wouldn't push the 950 past 400 ISO.

I wonder if it will ever be possible to use "two sensors in one" let's say you have a M43 sensor but want a smaller sensor with the same amount of megapixels for superzooming, is it possible to have a 4/3 sensor with 16 MP and a 2/3 sensor with 16 MP in the same camera?

Sony has something very like that. The A7R4 has a full frame 61MP sensor, you can put it into APSC mode and get about 26MP.

Crop the APSC image to M43 dimensions and you will have about 15MP.

Problem is, it's not increasing the pixel density, it's just cropping away area. A m4/3rds pixel density is still higher than any other of the three formats at 20mp so it provides the most "reach" with a given lens. As soon as FF hits 80mp, it'll be equal, plus it'll have the extra area coverage.

I created a thread in the Sony forum to see a comparison between the Sony A6xxx series with the 70-350 lens and Oly 75-300 lens on an Oly 4/3 body on imaging Saturn's rings. Looks like the resolution is fairly similar (one is 24 MP while the other is 16 MP).

You can make out the separation between the rings and the planet using either combo.

Eric or anyone else who is mathematically inclined, can you do a comparison between 24 MP Sony A6600 with the 70-350 lens vs the 16 MP Olympus EM10Mk2 with the 75-300 lens in terms of how many pixels the planet Saturn and its rings cover in each case and if the separation between the planet and the rings is similar in each case, which seems to be true based on my eye test?

Here is the thread where Saturn images with each combo are posted and a link included to the Oly thread:


Of course it's going to be better with the Nikon P900/950/1000 (I have the P900). But there are features on the Sony and Oly cameras that the Nikon superzooms do not have.

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