Rx100 ii- imaging edge mobile on android

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Re: Rx100 ii- imaging edge mobile on android

I have the M2 and the app, now running Android 10.1 but it was fine on 8 and 9.

The Sony link does show the M2 as working (look under still cameras) , which it does but it is very limited.

I think NFC is mythical, you put the camera into control with smartphone mode from the second page of the menu, up pops a screen with names and password, you open settings- wifi - on the phone and connect (which of course disconnects you from your normal wifi network).  It's fine, not hard but not 'instant'.

Once connected you can see the cameras view, zoom in and out and set flash, timer and movie/still.  You don't get to control focus or other settings.  In fact, once the camera is linked you can't change anything at the camera end so it important you set things like exposure mode, if you are using shutter or aperture priority set you aperture or shutter speed, set focus mode and area etc before you connect.

Think of it as a remote shutter release plus a few extras rather than full remote control.

When you take a picture it is saved on the phone as well as in the camera.  I think that setting can be changed but forget where.

It is useful, but won't do the focus control you want (unless there are variables I've not managed to find yet).  Having said that, if you set focus area to centre and have sufficient d.o.f. its not likely to cause you a problem.  For portraits you could probably put camera in portrait scene mode (before you connect) and let it look after itself but I've not tried it.

To be honest, the camera on my Huawei P30 is so good the M2 rarely comes out these days.  When I got the M2 (over 4 years ago now, when the M3 and I think M4 had just arrived so it was on a good deal)  the DSLR was put in a drawer and rarely comes out.

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