Considering M6 ii (or M50 ii)

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Re: Considering M6 ii (or M50 ii)

I think I should do with M6ii, but no integrated EVF is a turn over. Or look elsewhere, be it some other brand or RF (but weight and bulk is another turn over).


don't pay so much attention to EVF (it is just my personal experience and opinion). On Feb I was traveling to Iceland, I had 11-22, 22, 12 f2, 32 and 55-250 efs options in my kit. I also had EVF. I made 2k photos and all my photos (95%) was made with 11-22 and 55-250 lenses. And all 4 day trip I had never used EVF. It was in my pocket but I never used it on that trip. I was shooting BIF without EVF just because M6 mk II focusing system was so good and fast.

Yes, I like EVF but with M6 mk II it not so important or critical. Right now EVF 95% is on just because I'm often shooting birds around my home.

And keep in mind, DR of M6 is really better than RP till Iso800, most of my shoots are below ISO800, But with this camera you can make really good pictures with iso3200 or even ISO6400.

I do not say RP is worse, I did not bought it just because of lens system size/price and because this camera is really slow in FPS. For birds, wildlife, kids it's way to slow.

And yes, I would really like to have build in EVF (M5 mk II), M50 is not enough controls. I have tried it and skipped.

Just answer yourself do you really need FF, my answer was No

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