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I also bought an RP just last week, with the 24-105 STM. I couldn't resist trying it, given the very low price compared to other models, and the light weight. The latter is important to me as I ride my bike on trips and carry the camera on a neck strap.

So far I'm very pleased. The lens is quite sharp, except for a very small corner area at 24mm. The weight is only slightly greater than my Sony A6500 with 16-70mm lens, and the quality is noticeably better.

The slow burst rate, inferior video, and small maximum aperture of this RP kit would no doubt be a problem for many users who like to take action shots, but I rarely do. For much of my photography, the RP does an excellent job at a very low cost in both dollars and weight.

I already had the Sony A7RII and A7II. However, the Sony kit lens cannot compare, either in quality or range, to the Canon STM. Sony's own 24-105 is more than 50% heavier, and the lens alone costs more than the RP with the 24-105 STM. I couldn't see the Sony A7c as cost effective. It cuts weight by cutting out important features such as a decent size viewfinder, and its lightweight lens has a very limited zoom range and the annoyance of having to be collapsed.

I still have some Canon EF lenses from when I had Canon DSLRs, which I occasionally use on the Sony with an adapter. I've ordered an adapter for the RP, and I expect they will work even better on it than on the Sony cameras (the RP offers lens corrections even for EF lenses, though data for only 5 different EF lenses can be stored).

I picked up some generic batteries for the RP as well, since one battery is not enough for a whole day of shooting. The generic batteries work fine, but they came with their own charger and cannot be recharged in the Canon charger. That is a minor nuisance. I prefer the small lightweight battery in the RP, even though its capacity is small. I would rather carry an extra battery in my pocket than a bigger, heavier battery hanging around my neck inside the camera.

I certainly hope that Canon continues this series, as a lightweight complement to its more professional models. I would welcome an updated RP Mark II with some refinements, such as IBIS and a proper silent shutter. However, even without those features, the current RP is a very useful camera.

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