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Re: Disadvatage? Grip problems

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Currantos wrote:

So I am seeing this grip with a tall tower. The means to me you have to take out the battery and detach the door.

I think on some other cameras you keep the battery inside and can use that battery in addition to the one in the grip, giving you a significantly extended shooting time, especially for video.

That is a disadvantage and a design flaw. Also, attaching and detaching this is going to be less easy than the "drop off" type of grip where you just spin the wheel and it falls off and you are good to go shooting. This one is going to have the door problem and battery.

Nikon is going backwards in their design?

Concerning and disappointing.

What's the rumor on the Mk III versions?

The older design had better contact and less flexing than the 1/2 grip design! I'm happy Nikon is going back to the older design that had a "Stalk" on the BG!

Just way to much flexing on D500/D850 with BG and 70-200mm lens attached!

If your D850 grip has contact or flexing issues then there is something wrong with it orbit is made by a third party and not as strong as the Nikon grip. Mine (oem Nikon) is rock solid as was my one for my D500 (third party meike). Either there is something wrong with the threading mechanism or it is made by a third party and is weaker than oem. I must also add, you're not supposed to be mounting camera+heavy lens to a tripod via the camera tripod mount. That is what the mounting ring on the lens is for. I've owned both types of grip and neither was significantly more or less flexy than the other. Also what matters to me more is the battery life. The bottom pin mount (say on a d850) allows for an EN-EL15 battery plus the addition of an EN-EL18A battery. The pins in the battery compartment allow for max two EN-EL15 batteries which is far less capacity.

I have thw Nikon version!   And you think it's 'rock solid',...fact is,...it flexes with the 70-200mm when one picks up the camera by just the grip area!

Also,...I have the rig mounted in a CB Jr. Flash Bracket,...that also has the SB-900 mounted,....and the WT-6,....

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