"Flagship APSC lenses" to accompany a "Flagship APSC camera"

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Re: "Flagship APSC lenses" to accompany a "Flagship APSC camera"

Barry Pearson wrote:


Google for:

"Holy Trinity lenses"

These are the three (f/2.8) lenses that are widely considered to be "workhorse lenses" for an FF system. Releasing these lenses into a camera-maker's current catalogue adds credibility to a camera range, because between them they enable a very broad range of subjects to be tackled. By professionals or very serious hobbyists.

After releasing the K-1, Pentax soon released its set of "Holy Trinity lenses:

  • Pentax D FA 15-30mm F2.8
  • Pentax D FA 24-70mm F2.8
  • Pentax D FA* 70-200mm F2.8

Being Pentax, they are optically excellent.
(I have them all. They are all in the current catalogue, of course).

I'll call them "the Pentax Flagship FF lenses of the Pentax FF system".
(They are different from any kit lenses).

Note: the term, and the concept of this set of three f/2.8 lenses, is not mine!)

The topic of this thread

What are APSC equivalents of these "Flagship lenses"?

What (say) two or three top-quality lenses could reasonably be expected (perhaps by outsiders) to accompany the K-New Flagship APSC in the current Pentax catalogue?
Enabling photographers to tackle most or all of what they bought the K-New for?

Note "current catalogue".
Being able to get lenses on eBay (etc) is not credible in this context!

I haven't been tracking recent Pentax APSC lenses. The answer may actually be obvious.

Hi Barry

This thread is as good a way as any to stretch out our interest as we await and wait to hear about the new camera.  Put me in the category of those who would purchase a new lens or two if the camera is "interesting."

That being said, like you I own many lenses,  So of the standards I might otherwise purchase I have a few that should be on the list:   D FA* 50mm, F1,4; DFA* 70-200mm F2,8.  and DFA 15-30mm f2.8.

So in your range that leaves one other lens that I would purchase with the new camera:  DFA * 85mm 1.4.

I also wonder what they will release with the camera that might also be of interest.  We will see.

John Morris

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