I like my Canon EOS RP

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Re: I like my Canon EOS RP

MatsP wrote:

Interesting what you say about the lenses. I thought that it was something wrong with me as I like that STM kit lens so much that I sold my EF 24-105/4 L, in spite if all the negative reviews. But the more people really use the RF 24-105/4-7.1 they seem to like it. The RP with that lens is a very nice combo in my opinion. The edge sharpness at 24 is not worse than what it was on my now sold L lens.

I fully agree with you about the lens, which is the main thing that attracted me to the RP.

The main quality issues that critics complain about is the corner softness at 24mm. There is a little bit of softness there, but it's in a very small area that is often just blank sky or pavement in many photos.

It's only f7.1 at the long end, which seems terrible compared to more expensive lenses. However, in the type of photos I take (landscape, architecture), I always stop down to at least f/8 for depth of field. It's obviously not the right lens for taking indoor photos of people in action.

Therefore, the ratio of quality to price and weight is terrific for my purposes. I ride a bike with the camera on a neck strap, so I try to keep the weight down.  It's also possible to use M43 for that purpose, but I find that even at base ISO the per pixel quality from the RP and the 24-105 STM is noticeably higher with than on M43 with the lighter weight zoom lenses.

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