X10 question and some pictures.

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Re: X10 question and some pictures.

Staralfur wrote:

Bielefeld06 wrote:

@Staralfur: I like your street photos but I noticed that you often close the aperture very much (f8 or f11). That is not a good idea with small sensor cameras. They are best wider open (f4 for example or f2,8) and you still get a lot depth of field. At the same time the shutter speed can be increased when the aperture ist open and that is useful in street photography.

I'm not a bookeh lover and i really like the sharpeness from f8, but yes i'm not using the X10 to full potential by not using the faster apertures.

Actually with such a small sensor you would not get much of a bokeh anyway. But for some physical reasons the sharpness in small sensor cameras is better at f2,8 or 4 than at f8 -f16. That is different in cameras with larger sensors. I think it is called diffraction blur in English but I am not sure.

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