Which cameras have an optical low-pass filter (for anti-aliasing)?

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Re: So... lenses are becoming too sharp...

Paul De Bra wrote:

Mark Ransom wrote:


Moiré is caused when the image projected by the lens out-resolves the sensor. As sensor resolutions have gone up this becomes less likely, explaining the disappearing AA filter trend. Any source of blur can act as an AA filter, including misfocus, motion blur, or diffraction limiting. It becomes increasingly uncommon for the stars to align in such a way to make moiré a problem.

When I just got the E-M5 (with a weak AA filter) in 2012 I only saw Moiré with the 20mm f/1.7, a very sharp lens. But later I got the 12-40 f/2.8 and started seeing Moiré more often. Moving on (later) to the E-M5 II has increased the number of images with Moiré again (because of the lack of AA filter). I don't want to rely on the unsharpness of lenses to not need an AA filter. For me a lens can never be too sharp.

So a lens can never be too sharp, but a sensor can?  Interesting perspective.

I actually understand exactly where you're coming from, but as moiré becomes more rare the manufacturers will consider it less of a problem and turn their attentions elsewhere.  By the time 40mp m4/3 sensors become available, the AA filter might not be offered as an option anymore.

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