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Re: Q2 v iPhone 11 Pro

Jon C Keckonen wrote:

Sorry folks. I posted my question regarding the Q2 v iPhone 11 Pro but didn’t get back to you with answers to your questions. I was comparing the Q2 RAW v iPhone. A day or two after I posted my initial question I started reading my instructional book on Lightroom! It was very easy for me to brighten up the colors in my photos of fall scenery using mainly the saturation tool and the reducing the blue luminance. The sky became a rich blue similar to the sky on the iPhone. I am very satisfied now with what I see on my Q2.

Would I be correct in assuming that just about everyone shooting RAW will do post-editing to bring out more vivid colors?

All RAW images will need editing; unedited they aren't suitable for viewing.

Whether you prefer vivid colours, naturalistic colours, muted colours, or even black and white is a personal choice. There is no "right" answer.

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