Cameraphones - suggestions please!

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Re: Cameraphones - suggestions please!

I have to retract my previous statement about no software being able to handle the RYYB sensor RAWs of the P40 Pro. Snapseed seems to read the embedded profile correctly now (I am pretty certain it did not back in May, it looked like it ignored the profile altogether).

Unlike Lightroom, you can also set the white balance without running into the color temperature or tint limits. You still have very weird values and using the sunny/cloudy etc. presets won't work, manual still does the job.

From that point of view, Snapseed is a pretty decent mobile solution to edit and export RAW photos on the P40 Pro. It still seems to lack noise reduction, chromatic aberration correction and defringing, so it won't replace RawTherapee for me, but if I don't have access to my PC, I might start using Snapseed again.

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