what is the magnification of a telescope without any eyepiece

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Re: what is the magnification of a telescope without any eyepiece

Metastro wrote:

82Virago wrote:

50mm = x1 is pretty reasonably estimate when comparing to a 35mm equivalent.

For other cameras you need to factor in the sensor size. I use a Canon APS-C, so 1.6x to come with my estimate.

Not so much, as you can get FF cameras with the same pixel density. It does apply to FoV, but it's rare to use all of it with very long lenses for Astro.

It is a thing that your initial idea of 4000x is not correct. Ask anyone...try imaging at 4000x!! LOL! I think you would need a base on the moon, skies on earth would probably never have good enough seeing.

There is website that allows you to put in data and see an approximate 'view' with most of the popular cameras on the market, astro, dslr, mirrorless etc. I can't recall it but someone may post.


Haha yes definitely, I learnt about max useful magnification on the day I posted the original question, and I can see that 4000x magnification would be absolutely crazy.

you would need an aperature of 1600mm to make that useful! can you imagine?


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