Which cameras have an optical low-pass filter (for anti-aliasing)?

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I don't want an AA...

Samuel Dilworth wrote:

It continues to amaze me that people actively want rid of this artefact-suppressing filter and that camera-makers with engineers on staff acquiesce in this folly.

I don't see it as folly. I see it as great. There's JPEG engines now that do a good job to remove moire and better tools for RAW. The benefit is more detail, particularly on B&W shots it's pretty great as color moire doesn't affect much there.

With that off my chest, which current or recent Micro Four Thirds cameras retain such a filter?

The GH5S, right?

NO idea.

The GH4 had one, I think, but the GH5 does not, I think.

Not 100% sure but I think GH5 doesn't have it.

I know the GX8 had one, because I briefly had that camera and loved the way it recorded hard edges free of lurid false colour.

GX8 def. has one.  The Panasonic GX85 doesn't. Neither the GX9.

The GM5 has one, the GX850 does not.

Anything at all on the Olympus side?

EPL9, EPL11 have it. PenF does not. EM5 MKIII does not. EM1 MKII/III, EM1X do not.

Anything at all with 20 megapixels?

Anything Olympus with the 20 MP sensor does not seem to have an AA filter. I wasn't sure about the new EM10 MarkIV but looks like it doesn't have one either.


I will admit to you if I was shooting weddings or fashion shows regular, I may prefer an AA censored camera as I don't want to go through tons of wedding shots looking out for color moire.  But in that case,I would probably be shooting Fuji, as they are more resilient to it while not having an AA filter.

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