Stuck on this again... 35-100 Pana vs 40-150 Oly?

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Re: Stuck on this again... 35-100 Pana vs 40-150 Oly?

Both lenses are entirely capable of yielding good images, even in relatively low light. The P is smaller, lighter, cheaper, nicer to carry, slightly wider at the short end, and has a smaller and more reliable lens hood. The O is larger, heavier, more expensive, less pleasant to lug about, has much more reach, focuses closer, accepts tele-converters, but has a bulky and fragile lens hood.

I initially bought the 35-100, but got frustrated often enough with the lack of reach that I ended up getting the 40-150, which IMHO suits what I do better. Arguments can be made both ways and for other lenses. If you can rent the Pro lens for a day you should be able to figure out whether the trade-offs are worth it for you.

The bottom line for me is that I'd rather carry the 35-100, but prefer to use the 40-150; YMMV.

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