Infrared Conversion: 4/3 micro vs. Crop vs. FF sensor?

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Re: Infrared Conversion: 4/3 micro vs. Crop vs. FF sensor?

I'm getting a Canon RP converted as we speak. We'll see how full spectrum is on it; I've used Olys before and they work great, as do most of the lenses at most apertures.

Had a K-01 too and it was fine, although the lack of a VF was a hassle in bright noon light.

I'd guess that in full spectrum you'd get some of the same advantages with FF. So more light hence less noise all other things being equal. But 99% of my images are landscapes and bright midday light is often the best for that anyway; it's not like I'm shooting in dark evening street scenes much with an 850nm on it.

Other factors might be more important, like the lenses as already discussed. I figured out that the Pentax to RF adapter I got can be hacked to include a glued-in 46mm filter ring, so I can drop in filters for my wide angles that don't accept lenses filters. Kinda nice. Sometimes it's  little details like that which will tip the balance since so many cameras are good candidates these days for conversion.

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