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I am still quite sure that the D700 and D3 equipped with Nikon prime lenses will take better (or at least comparable) pictures than a D750 or D850 equipped with the standard zoom for a fraction of the costs (if you know how to use them).

The D700 myth continues. Some truth in the above statement (cost) lots of myth (will take better pics). I know I'm paraphrasing here but it's just incredible how the D700 lives on in the imaginations of so many.

Close but better?


No matter what you say to those who love the D700 will always love the D700. Don't get me wrong, I also loved my D700 back when I had it but time moves on. I've seen this mentality with the D300 in the DX forum though the D500 may have helped the transition away from the D300.

I still have photos on the wall taken with my D700 and it was a great wedding camera except when shooting in the quiet environment during the wedding ceremony. Never could get over the loud shutter. Probably the only negative I had about the camera. But it can still serve many even today if they don't need cropping. I shoot now with the D850 and mostly crop and reframe. But that is me.

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