Panasonic GX7II (GX85, GX80) is a wonderful camera

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TX1 requires it :-(

alcelc wrote:

IIRC, no M43 Panny really needs that confirmation before it the adjustment comes into effective. Not 100% sure on G1 (had put it idle for very long time), I can say GF3, GX1, GX7 also do not need that confirmation step. Not to mention G85...

Not sure my 1st digicam LC5, I am quite sure my aged FZ5, FZ30 and FZ28 should bot require that confirmation also.

My TX1 does require the extremely annoying set/confirm. EC is on my back dial and whenever I use it I can't do anything else (adjust zoom, etc.) until I set/confirm which also gets rid of the EC scale on the image view. This is my #1 annoyance about the TX1 because when trying to get a shot quickly I have missed them sometimes because of the rigamarole of what should be an unnecessary step.

When I first got the GX7II I recognized what appeared to be the same behavior as my TX1 and it was confirmed when I checked the GX7II manual. I was very happy to learn here though that for the GX7II you could ignore the set/confirm and continue doing other things -- can't ignore it for the TX1 though.

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