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This online mag got how more or less I feel about it. There seems to be double speak, just like the whole successor to old 4/3rds E-5 back then.


"Olympus has used tricky forms of words to falsely reassure Olympus fans and supporting retailers that the Olympus brand will continue to be used by OM Digital Solutions: ‘will utilize the Olympus brand for a certain period‘…’you can expect the Olympus brand name to stick around for the foreseeable future. Olympus branded products will continue to be available even after January 1, 2021′ (But how about June 1, 2021?)…’The new company will be using the Olympus brand from its establishment until the foreseeable future. There is no plan for use of the Olympus brand to be discontinued immediately after the transfer is completed"

PS: This is a civil thread. Agree or disagree posts welcome.

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" -- W. Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet

An EM1.ii or EM1.ii or EM1x would smell as sweet if they rebranded them.

... unless manufacturing or quality control changes for the worse. We have no idea what changes will be instigated by JIP to save money, even on the existing product lines.

Does not mean that new models will though.

What’s that sour odour I can smell? Must be something drifting in on the wind of change.

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