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albero wrote:

Droo wrote:

Yeah, but that is only a JPG developed from a DNG. I would need the actual DNG to see if the embedded profile is different.

I load the dng image in dpreview...I think the server take only the jpeg miniature of the dng. Raw is not supported. If you tell me where to look for the profile I can load the print screen image of the phone to show it.

Actually it might be a bit easier... If you look at Lightroom, what color temperature and tint does it show?

The problem with the embedded profile is that uses some messed up white balance, with tint at +150. Since this is the maximum and I would need to go higher to remove the greenish tint, it is impossible to fix the white balance. So if your tint in LR is significantly below 150 under daylight conditions, you might have a better profile.

Quite curiously, extracting the embedded profile with Adobe DNG Profile Editor and using it in RawTherapee produces accurate colors, whereas using the embedded profile there has no green tint, but reds that look orange... RawTherapee does not run into the tint limit, I guess that helps a lot.

To extract a profile, simply open a DNG with the DNG Profile Editor, then click File and Export.

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