Infrared Conversion: 4/3 micro vs. Crop vs. FF sensor?

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Re: Infrared Conversion: 4/3 micro vs. Crop vs. FF sensor?

JimH123 wrote

Keep in mind that when doing IR, you are going to be using only 25% of the pixels - only the Red filtered pixels..

There are a couple of bits of weirdness that creep in here.  First, it’s absolutely the case that the red pixels will do the ‘ heavy lifting’ for IR.  However, we simply don’t know far the green and blue filtration extends into the IR wavelengths.  So there may be a contribution from those pixels too.  Additionally, the demosaicing process will still interpolate across these other pixels (with their filtered signals).  So, it’s really tough to be certain precisely what’s going on.  Nevertheless, It’s very fair to say, IR is going to be working with much less data and the images end up being ‘rougher’ in the end compared with visible/full spectrum.

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