Infrared Conversion: 4/3 micro vs. Crop vs. FF sensor?

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Re: Infrared Conversion: 4/3 micro vs. Crop vs. FF sensor?

nkistrup wrote:

Scoured the Internet, and cannot find anything about infrared photography with regards to sensor size.

Does infrared photography benefit more than visible light photography, by using a camera with a larger sensor? (e.g. Full Frame vs. 4/3 micro)

My guess is that larger sensors let in more light, therefore they are better for infrared, but that advantage is no more than would be seen when shooting in visible light. (IOW, big sensor better regardless of what part of the E.M.S. your are shooting in.)


In broad terms, it’s going to be the same as for visible light with regard to sensor size.  Larger is better.  But whether that proportionately more or less is very hard to say or measure.  I chose the middle path with a Nikon DX sensor full spectrum conversion.

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