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Re: Dating the camera

Guy Parsons wrote:

cba_melbourne wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Another thought, look at the date printed on the battery that came with your camera (assuming it was bought new) the battery date may give a better clue as to approximately when the camera was assembled.

That does not work. Both my Oly cameras came with batteries made up to 2 years before the cameras first release date.

Ditto it seems for mine, so if that is a definite year difference, then it is easy to take an approximate stab at when the camera was probably made, as it seems that the internal MCS number could be a bit of fiction.

As for me, I could not care less when the camera was born. All I want to know is when the camera will die.

I suppose a project for me could be to look at all my Pens and get the motherboard MCS dates, and compare that to their original battery dates and to the dates when I bought the camera. I guess all I might find is that cameras are often quite old by the time I buy them.

I date my batteries when I buy them and just about always the printed date is around 2 years earlier.

My OEM BLN-1 collection for my pair of E-P5.

That lot decodes for me that I bought the black E-P5 in September 2014, the two spare batteries in October 2014 and then the silver E-P5 in April 2015.

The relatively old battery dates that come in new cameras makes me believe, that Olympus has batteries made in very large batches, possibly as far as 2 years apart.

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