R5, Lightroom and issues with Raw conversion

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Re: R5, Lightroom and issues with Raw conversion

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Curious - do you know of a way to do this with profiles too, or just presets?

Hi Tom,

I believe you can create new Profiles, but (a) you'll need to do this using Camera Raw in Photoshop, and (b) I gather it's not anywhere as simple as creating an Import Profile.

To get to the starting point - Open a raw image as a layer in Photoshop, highlight the layer, click [Filter]-[Camera Raw Filter], then press (SHIFT)+(P) and finally press (alt)+ click on the folder icon to the right of the word 'Presets'. This opens up the New Profile window.

I've never gone further than this, but I suspect it's (probably) where things get technical...

(If you search the web for 'How to create profiles in Lightroom' there are walkthroughs).


Here's a tutorial on how to create your own profiles; you need Photoshop: https://digital-photography-school.com/make-custom-camera-raw-profiles-lightroom-photoshop/

But for something as simple as an exposure bump, that can easily be done with presets, seems a bit overkill.

Assuming the "this" you mean is the exposure setting.

A decent way to get a quite accurate color profile is to use say the Colorchecker Passport and Xrite's software (it can be done with other accurate color cards and software too). Basically it creates a special profile, a DCP, specific to that camera body and illuminant (say the sun, or maybe one for tungsten lights). That profile shows as camera specific for each camera body, and you can add it to a preset as well and apply at import. Or just select it like any other profile (but again, camera specific).

I have made them for all my camera bodies, even the same model but different camera (it does vary a bit).

And the Xrite software only requires that you shoot the Colorchecker target and then convert to DNG in LrC. It works as an export plugin, and pretty much does all the work. Restart, and there it is.

Thanks, both, for the information. I have profiles from colorfidelity.com, but I would like to make one of them the "default" instead of Adobe Color, at least with the R5. Not a big issue really - it's only a couple of clicks to apply it instead of the default.

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