Switching from Canon 6d to Sony A7, needing advices about adaptor

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Re: Switching from Canon 6d to Sony A7, needing advices about adaptor

krystof163 wrote:


I'm sorry if this kind of thread already appeared many time. If so, please be kind to inform the links and I'll check them out.

I'm currently using a Canon Eos 6d.

I would like to switch to a mirrorless, fullframe. My use is only photo, I dont use video.

I think a Sony A7iii would attend me, but having a low budget, I would like to switch progressively using this new body with some Canon lenses.

Could any one advice me regarding about the best adapter in that case (specifically Canon EF lenses to Sony E-mount)?

Thank a lot.



After reading some of the replies, I really feel I should step in and protect you from all this GAS-rubbish!!
I also have an Eos 6d and two a7II with mc-11's and can honestly tell you that the step from the 6d to the a7's with mc-11's will open up a new world for you!

Unless you shoot really demanding stuff, which looks like not being the case?, this combo works just fine, and if I may say so, even better most of the times than the 6d!!

I use the following lenses on my a7's WITHOUT much if any problems and actually with much better results than on the 6d: EF17-40L,24-105L,70-200L,100-400L,35IS, 105MACRO, and a bunch of others!!

The 100-400 even works very nicely with the 1,4x converter attached, TRY THAT ON YOUR 6d!!!!

SO, do not listen to these silly wanna-beez or GAS-men on here, they always seem to ignore the questions asked, and only seem to be interested in sharing their own very narrow minded experience, preferences which, at the end of the day DO NOT HELP people like you, asking a simple question...

Aynways, hope you don't end up spending silly money on stuff you DO NOT need to take great pictures and have a hell of of nice time with your hobby/ passion!


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