my opinion on should you DIY clean a dusty GRi+ii sensor?

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my opinion on should you DIY clean a dusty GRi+ii sensor?

There are comprehensive guides out there on how to dissasemble the GRi+ii to get to the sensor and back of the lens to clean it. But at what point should you do it?

Like many i questioned myself at some point if i should do a cleaning, so when a dust spot appeared that i often had to remove in post processing (not always possible) i decided to give it a try.

Now here's what i think after i've cleaned the sensor and back of filter glass:

- Don't do it if you don't have to regularly stamp out dust spots in post, e.g. you use the GR wide open most of the time

- Consider it if dust is regularly a problem to remove in post and you like shooting at f8+ for sunstars etc

- Definetly do it if you sensor is very dirty (sadly it happens)

- Do not expect to have a 100% clean and dust free sensor/image after the procedure

- Consider that you even might make things worse than they were in the first place, if you are not careful or your sensor wasn't too dirty afterall (don't be a perfectionist)

- If dust is more blurry it's likely on the glass infront of the sensor or back of the lens and not on the sensor itself. Fortunately that just means 4 more screws have to be remove and you'll get to it.

- Be aware of the possibility that the dust is not actually on the sensor but on a surface infront of it. Try to find it on the glass if you know there's dust but you can't find it at the  corresponding position on the sensor (btw final image is mirrored)

- Dissasembling is not very hard when you have the right tools, patience, good eyesight and a steady hand.

- When you are careful you will not damage your GR, but you will inevitably leave marks on screws, etc. So it will be obvious to a potential buyer that you have done work on your GR, maybe already so from the outside (lost value).

- There's more dust suspended in the air in your room than there likely is dust in the camera already. Most of us do not have access to a clean room and laminar flow bench so do not expect a perfect result and be careful, you might make things worse

- For checking for dust turn on "HDR Tone" Effect it helps to make dust visible, then never use it again until dust clearly appears in your images as its an afwul effect and dust not the end of the world

just my two cents.

upper left: problematic dust that was on the glass infront of the sensor.

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