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Re: Fuji 23mm f2 chrome, how much?

MatMayer wrote:

My current local store has a used 23mm f2 in stock in chrome. Looks pretty cool on a black body, but would be super cool on an XPRO body (not my cup of tea). No CA issues that I could see in store. It's a bit of a premium used store (was too embarrassed to take a knackered old Canon in to sell), so I am wondering if the price is a bit high at £301/$388?(hmmm that exchange rate seems good, more like it used to be?).

Chrome 23mm f2? Yay or Nay at £300? No hood. It has a matching 3rd party type, the cheapest metal kind but correct color. I don't really need the hood anyway. I fell in love with the look when I saw it on YouTube but owned a silver Fuji at the time. I have a feeling the Chrome 23 will be a good buy as Fuji users are sometimes hipsters who like to try and be cool (me included). It will replace the 27mm and Idustar 69 28mm.

Sh it, if I get the 23 f2 and 56 that would leave a 33mm sized gap. Literally and Viltroxly. OK, no Viltrox. Probably. Sh it. GAS.

Get it if the store offer warranty on that lens otherwise you'll be swearing outside the store if it's gone. I have this lens and feel no need to change it for a Viltrox or whatever. I have the 16mm f2.8 in chrome, it looks fantastic on my X-Pro2 though it does have a black lens hood. the 23 f2 in chrome would look good on your X-E2.

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