Fuji X100V Thoughts thus far - Heat scenario

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Re: Complete non-issue

adam10 wrote:

Chris Dodkin wrote:

classic case of the Internet influencing people to be paranoid about their stuff.

Thanks for your comments thus far - Appreciate them all.

I understand that the internet has an influence however the warmth scenario verging on very warm is in my opinion disconcerting. It's the only camera that I've ever owned which produces a somewhat toasty warm feeling on the rear of the device. Perhaps it's something that we're expected to live with on the basis that in general , cameras circuit board hardware is getting increasingingly complex thereby putting more pressure on the batteries and inner workings of the camera. If that is the case then manufacturers should be attempting to solve the heat issues. Don't get me wrong - I love Fuji products but this is disappointing.


Has it ever shut down?

My X-Pro2 is warm and in hot climates like in India it could even get very warm but it always worked.

My MacBookPros are getting really hot sometimes but that doesn't stop them from working. My old Krell audio amplifier that I had for over 20 years run hot but it worked without any issues.

My point: Those devices are designed to work like that and the heat caused by operation is taken into account.

There is nothing to worry about unless the camera constantly shuts down with an overheat message. In that case I would consider it a real problem.

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