Purchasing a R6 and very confused about cards and lenses

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Re: Purchasing a R6 and very confused about cards and lenses

RogerZoul wrote:

I have a combination of EF and RF lenses that I use in my R5. I have not noticed any differences at all with the high speed display and the view in the view finder. I would like to know more.

This is something I was very keen to try out when I got my R5. Chasing fast-moving birds with the 100-500 using default EVF settings was ok but there was definitely room for improvement. I switched to both the faster refresh rate and Disp. performance = Smooth, and the improvement was really noticeable. It's like an optical viewfinder but clearer! And more informative of course.

Due to the limited free time I've had with the camera, and some very poor weather, I haven't as yet been able to experiment further with the settings, or to try this with my EF lenses such as the 100-400, but a dry weekend is forecast so fingers crossed...

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