Fuji X100V Thoughts thus far - Heat scenario

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Re: Fuji X100V Thoughts thus far - Heat scenario

A shame you sent it back; it's a complete non-issue. I've been using mine for months, including in full sun on 95F days shooting documentary work for hours at a time. It just gets a little warm behind the thumb due to the weather sealing, smaller body (less room for designing proper heat dispersal channels), and latest-gen processer. It's the first WR X100 body so they still have some kinks to work out.

Heat test results from FujiRumors: https://www.fujirumors.com/tested-fujifilm-x100v-overheating-and-focusin-ring-issues/

TL;DR: Even shooting 600 continuous frames it doesn't overheat. Air temperatures of 100+F can cause overheating if you intend to shoot for 100 continuous frames. But it does overheat if you record 4K for longer than 12 minutes in one take. In which case, the X-T- series exists. It doesn't really impact functionality so I don't think Fuji's going to do much about it. This isn't a sports or video camera; it just didn't make sense for Fuji to remove functionality from an already existent sensor.

Now I just enjoy the tickle of heat; feels like it's brimming with creative potential

Also, the lens is a tad noisier than the earlier models but only if you're listening for it. Outside I pretty much never hear it.

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